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We have both been interested in the outdoors and nature for years.  We both have practiced photography, for sometime.  Starting in 2015, we put more time into combining our love for the outdoors with photography.  We have battled the freezing cold winter temperatures, snow, wind, rain, hot humid summer weather and mosquitoes to gather this collection of pictures.  In 2016 it seems as though we haven't even had time to sleep.  We have been on the road constantly chasing the next season, and event.  It has been so exciting to see the Bald Eagles first arrive this past winter / spring.  To see them fishing in the frozen lakes and streams.  We also watched as the Osprey returned from their winter migration. We were able to see them mating, and building their nests.  It was really something awesome to see, and photograph.  We also enjoyed seeing, photographing and videoing Great Horned Owls, Blue Herons, Great White Egrets and Green Herons.  We have further enjoyed watching and photographing the smaller birds too.  They are so quick.  The smaller birds can be a real challenge to photograph.  Our adventures so far in 2016 have been nothing short of awesome.  The things we have seen, and the people we met,  will make for lasting memories.


We would like to thank you for stopping by our website, and reading the about us part.  We hope you will take some time to look through the various gallery pages to view the pictures posted here.  This is only a sampling of what all we have done and photographed.  We have spent many hours, miles in the Tahoe and hours in the field to collect these pictures.  We are finally so excited to have the pictures on our website, so that they can be enjoyed by everyone. 


                                                                         Kevin and Dawn Gowins / K D Gowins Photography

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